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The principle of the bingo games are exactly the same, the player picks their own cards and random numbers are called, the player marks their card accordingly, what differs are the winning patterns and the actual cards themselves. The object is to fill in lines from numbers called to win cash & prizes, its so easy!

75 ball bingo Games

Cloud 9 is Bingo Day's 75 ball bingo hall, favoured by players in the America. The Bingo Card is made up of 25 squares arranged in five columns and five rows. Unlike the 90-ball ticket the center square is free and deemed as 'called' more

90 ball bingo Games

At Bingo Day there are three 90 ball bingo rooms; Barmy Club, Velvet Lounge and Royal Court.  90 Ball Bingo is traditionally an English game but is becoming more popular in the USA, it is slower than the 75 Ball Bingo and good for more

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